Photo of Matt Latham, tickr's Co-founder

Matt Latham


Matt has over 8 years' experience in the investment management industry. Most recently he was working with private clients and charities to structure and advise on their investment portfolios at Barclays. Matt has an MBA from Liverpool University.
Photo of Tom McGillycuddy, tickr's Co-founder

Tom McGillycuddy


Tom has over 8 years' experience in the investment management industry. He spent the last four years at Wellington Management, working with their impact investment team. Tom is a CFA Charterholder, and recently completed the Impact Investing course at Oxford University Said Business School.
Photo of Karishma Harjani, tickr's Brand & Design Manager

Karishma Harjani

Brand & Design Manager

Karishma has a Master’s in Design Management from University of the Arts London. Prior to joining tickr she worked in media for over 7 years and supported a number of design teams to create advertising campaigns, editorial shoots, films and TV shows. She has worked on projects for companies such as Warner Brothers, Lola Films, BBC, ITV, Vogue, Nike and Cancer Research. 

Photo of Sam Littler, tickr's Software Developer

Sam Littler

Software Developer

Sam has been developing software for 5 years. Before joining tickr, Sam worked building apps & APIs for BP Chargemaster -- the electric vehicle charging company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make investing better, for everyone.

We want to show the world that you can make money and have a positive social impact at the same time.

Our Values

Mission driven

Impact investing is in our DNA. It’s our north star and it informs every decision we make.


We believe investing this way should be open to anyone, no matter your level of wealth, financial knowledge or background.


From the companies you invest in, to product updates that are being released, we strive to be as open with our users as possible.


Our aim is to continuously refine our product and improve user experience, that is why creativity and design thinking are key components of our business processes.

Mission driven graphic, mountain peak with a flag, blue
Inclusive graphic, four users in a circle, orange
Transparent graphic, an eye in a circle, pink
Creative graphic, lit light bulb in a circle, purple

Our Commitments

design graphic, user with pencil image

To design tickr with you. We want to build a product that people really love to use.

impact graphic, road sign, map and map marker

To make our investments stand up to scrutiny. We’re committed to making sure all of our investments have a positive impact on the world. We’re not there yet, but we have a clear vision to make this happen.

world graphics, planet, light bulb and cog/gear

To build social responsibility into tickr the company, not just our investments. We have some big plans for this, but we’d also love to hear your suggestions.