Photo of Matt Latham, tickr's Co-founder

Matt Latham


Matt has over 8 years' experience in the investment management industry. Most recently he was working with private clients and charities to structure and advise on their investment portfolios at Barclays. Matt has an MBA from Liverpool University.
Photo of Tom McGillycuddy, tickr's Co-founder

Tom McGillycuddy


Tom has over 8 years' experience in the investment management industry. He spent the last four years at Wellington Management, working with their impact investment team. Tom is a CFA Charterholder, and recently completed the Impact Investing course at Oxford University Said Business School.
Photo of Sam Littler, tickr's Lead Developer

Sam Littler

Lead Developer

Sam has been developing software — primarily APIs and infrastructure — for 10 years. Prior to joining tickr, Sam developed apps and back-end software for BP Chargemaster — the company at the forefront of the UK’s electric vehicle industry.

Photo of Rob Baldwyn, tickr's Growth Marketer

Rob Baldwyn

Growth Marketer

Rob began his career at the Growth Marketing Agency, honing his t-shaped marketing skills scaling multiple startups. Having spent over £1million in marketing spend globally, he knows how to capitalise on market opportunities and scale ambitious companies. Rob currently studies an Environmental Policy & Sustainability MSc, and has a First Class Honours BSc in Psychology - making him the ideal growth expert to understand and identify our target market.

Photo of Karishma Harjani, tickr's Brand & Design Manager

Karishma Harjani

Brand & Design Manager

Karishma has a Master’s in Design Management from University of the Arts London. Prior to joining tickr she worked in media for over 7 years and supported a number of design teams to create advertising campaigns, editorial shoots, films and TV shows. She has worked on projects for companies such as Warner Brothers, Lola Films, BBC, ITV, Vogue, Nike and Cancer Research. 

Photo of Alex Miles, tickr's Software Developer

Alex Miles

Software Developer

Alex has over 20 years of experience in web development, and most recently spent four years as senior developer at
online pet supplies retailer VioVet. He enjoys learning new things and loves the satisfaction of finding the right
solution to a difficult problem.

Photo of Gokhan Isiker, tickr's iOS Developer

Gokhan Isiker

iOS Developer

Gokhan has over 7 years experience as a software developer, with the most recent 5 years spent in the banking
industry. Before joining tickr, Gokhan worked on the team that built mobile banking apps for ING and Garanti Bank.

Photo of Lauren Parry, tickr's Customer Experience Executive

Lauren Parry

Customer Experience Executive

Lauren studied Psychology at Edge Hill University. She has worked in the finance sector since 2013. Her previous
experience includes working for 123 Debt Solutions as a PPI Administrator, at Santander as a Customer Service
Adviser and as Client Relations Executive at Tilney.

Photo of Tom Jones, tickr's Customer Experience Executive

Tom Jones

Customer Experience Executive

Tom has a degree in Management from the University of Leeds and has over seven years of customer service experience. Before joining tickr, Tom worked on the client relations team at Bestinvest and at Rathbones Investment Management, as an Account Manager.

Photo of Toby Butterworth, tickr's Growth & Product Manager

Toby Butterworth

Growth & Product Manager

Toby has been focused on Product-led Growth for over 4 years, scaling users and revenue at startups Yoyo Wallet
and EdgePetrol. Toby revels in creating simple, delightful user experiences and is passionate about making investing
open to everyone.

Our Advisors

Photo of Mark Cunningham, tickr's Co-Founder & Commercial Director @ WhenFresh

Mark Cunningham

Co-Founder & Commercial Director @ WhenFresh

Mark is the Co-Founder & Commercial Director of WhenFresh - a leading data as a service business in the UK. He has over 20 years experience in New Business Development, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Previous work includes , ProTunes, The Preference Service.

Photo of Eric Rice, tickr's Portfolio Manager @ Wellington Management

Eric Rice

Portfolio Manager @ Wellington Management

Eric is the Head of Impact Investing at Blackrock. He was the architect of Wellington Management's Global Impact Fund, and a former US Diplomat and World Bank Economist.

Photo of Maria Anastase, tickr's Risk & Compliance Advisor

Maria Anastase

Risk & Compliance Advisor

Maria is an experienced risk management professional, having held senior positions at Grant Thornton, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Mizuho International.

Our Commitments

design graphic, user with pencil image

To design tickr with you. We want to build a product that people really love to use.

impact graphic, road sign, map and map marker

To make our investments stand up to scrutiny. We’re committed to making sure all of our investments have a positive impact on the world. We’re not there yet, but we have a clear vision to make this happen.

world graphics, planet, light bulb and cog/gear

To build social responsibility into tickr the company, not just our investments. We have some big plans for this, but we’d also love to hear your suggestions.