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The good, the bad and the regulations

I bet you’ve been wondering who the FCA and the FSCS are? Well, this short blog will briefly explain what all this jargon means. FSCS The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is a scheme set up by the UK government in 2001. It was made to protect...
1st July 2019

Payment, payments, payments...

Our short post explains what happens to your money once it is added to your tickr account, why it can take a couple of days for...
7th June 2019

Getting started with tickr

Wondering how to start investing with tickr? Find out in this short guide we've made for our Users. Download the app and have...
9th May 2019

Product Roadmap

Here at tickr we’re proud of the amazing work our team have managed to achieve in such a short space of time. Since our initial...
29th April 2019

April Product Update!

We’ve got a wave of new product features we’ve released in our latest update on both iOS and Android! After our earlier phone...
12th April 2019

Product Development 2.0

When we launched our invite-only beta on iOS, we let our users know the new features we are working on. We have implemented a bunch...
21st January 2019

App Store Launch

App Store Launch We are incredibly excited to announce the full release of our beta app to the App Store! After 2 months of invite-only...
17th December 2018