Introducing our new podcast: Spotlight

Meet the leading lights in business and finance who are paving the way for impact.

Since creating tickr, we’ve been lucky to meet so many brilliant minds who are pushing for change in business and in finance – two sectors where profit is usually prioritised over making an impact for our planet and its people.

A little while back, our Founders Matt and Tom sat down (virtually) with these trailblazers. The result is Spotlight: a bitesize podcast where you can get to know the business and finance experts who are making the world a better place.

Around ten minutes long, each episode will take you on a journey through impact – whether that’s tackling food waste with tech, championing diversity in venture capitalism or pioneering the B Corp movement in the UK.

You’ll hear guests talk about forcing through change in their sector, where their best business ideas come from, and the hurdles they’ve overcome to put impact firmly on the agenda.

We hope you’ll find these conversations as inspiring as we do.

Listen to the full series below:

And check out our handy episode guide too:

Episode 1: Saasha Celestial-One – Saving food waste and the planet
Did you know that one third of all food is thrown away? Saasha Celestial-One, co-founder of the game-changing food-sharing app Olio, discusses food waste, her hippy upbringing and developing Olio from a pilot WhatsApp group to a 3.7 million strong community.

Episode 2: James Perry – B Corps and better business
Business shapes our world, so why not shape it into something good? Wanting businesses to create value for people and the planet – and not just their shareholders – James Perry pioneered the B Corp movement in the UK.

Episode 3: Aunnie Patton Power – Using growth for good
How can investors and founders rethink what growth means? Impact investing expert and founder of Intelligent Impact, Aunnie Patton Power, discusses her work finding new models of funding and what it means to be a successful and sustainable business.

Episode 4: Michael Tefula – VC’s diversity problem (and solutions)
Venture capital shapes society – but who is shaping venture capital? Michael Tefula traces the origins of VC, discusses gender and racial inequalities within the sector – and the initiatives aiming to address these disparities through the not for profit he co-founded, Diversity VC.

Episode 5: Eric Rice – Making impact investing mainstream
Though it’s a relatively new sector, impact investing is dominating how young people think about investing. Eric Rice, Head of Impact at BlackRock – the biggest asset manager in the world – traces his career to date while explaining exactly what impact investing is and how quickly it’s gaining traction.

Episode 6: Faisel Rahman – Better finance options for all
If you want to disrupt an industry, learn from the best. Exporting a fairer economic ethos from Bangladesh and applying it to the UK market, Faisel Rahman, founder of Fair Finance, is dismantling the notorious payday lending scene in the UK. Faisel discusses taking inspiration from microfinance to build trust and reduce poverty.

Episode 7: Chuka Umunna – ESG in business
Where does real change come from? Former Labour MP Chuka Umunna now helps businesses improve their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) credentials – and asserts that a greater impact can be made through the private sector, than through politics.

Episode 8: Annika Manninen – ESG in investing
Head of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) at OP Asset Management – one of Finland’s biggest banks – Annika Manninen is tasked with embedding ESG into all aspects of the investment process. Because good practices should be central to the conversation.

Episode 9: Daniela Soares – Urgent times call for impact investing
What if instead of just extracting value from nature and society, the financial system supported them? Daniela Soares is CEO of Snowball, a company helping professional investors to see the full picture when it comes to managing impact and profit. Their aim? To improve the society we live in.

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