Our Partners

Here to help you spend better. We’re working with some of the best impact-orientated companies in the UK to bring you exclusive deals that help your pocket – and the planet too. Some people might say we’re too good to you – but it’s just in our nature.

Our Partners

Here to help you spend better. We’re working with some of the best impact-orientated companies in the UK to bring you exclusive deals that help your pocket – and the planet too. Some people might say we’re too good to you – but it’s just in our nature.

Having to choose between saving money and saving carbon emissions sucks. Cue Bulb – they supply 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas, and they were USwitch’s Best Value for Money Energy Provider in 2020. tickr users get up to £50 off when they switch to green gas and electricity with Bulb. Why compromise?

Reliable, affordable and green as a garden pea, Bulb is the green energy company. 100% of Bulb’s electricity comes from renewable sources – the good guys like solar, wind and hydro that don’t emit carbon dioxide. Plus their gas is 100% carbon neutral (they offset emissions from the gas they supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world) and they’re the leading supplier of green gas (the kind that comes from renewable sources like food or farm waste).

Switching your energy supplier to Bulb helps protect the planet – the average member lowers their carbon footprint by a huge 3.2 tonnes of CO2 a year. That's the hard work of around 1590 trees.

And they offer flexible Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go tariffs which can be managed from Bulb’s handy app.

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Meet Honest Mobile – the UK's first B-Corp™ certified and carbon neutral mobile network, changing mobile for good.

tickr customers get £20 in their investment account and their first month half price when they sign-up to Honest Mobile. Honest Mobile makes managing your mobile plan a breeze with more control and smarter notifications. Hands up if you’re fed up with sneaky charges? Honest Mobile sends you real-time notifications so you actually know when you make a chargeable call and they’re not afraid to go the extra mile – they’ll even help you find a free version of that number too. Netflix binge is out of control and eating away at all your data? They’ll let you know. Hell, they’ll even let you know if you can save money by changing to a cheaper plan. Did we mention they reward loyalty? All customers have a Loyalty Discount that increases each month you stay a member. More companies like Honest Mobile please.

Also a certified B-Corp™ (like yours truly), Honest Mobile is a force for good – every business decision has to consider people, profit and planet. They offset all emissions associated with making calls, sending messages and using data, as well as the charging and manufacturing of your phone AND the running of Honest Mobile HQ. All bases covered then.

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Stylish eyewear without the environmental baggage? Sign us up.

We’ve teamed up with Coral Eyewear to give tickr users 20% off their chic and contemporary glasses and sunglasses.

Coral Eyewear create their specs from a material called ECONYL. This starts with rescuing waste found at sea and in landfills, then sorting and cleaning the plastic to recover the nylon. ECONYL is the same as brand new nylon – but using ECONYL reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90%. Less virgin plastic means less emissions from processing.

Then there’s the environmental kudos. Plastic waste in landfills? Collected and repurposed. Abandoned fishing nets left as a hazard to marine life? Cleared and transformed into something useful, beautiful and sustainable.

So whether you’re into a cool and classic black frame or want to inject more colour into your Zoom call reflection with their brights range, they’ve got you covered. Sustainable never looked so good.

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The world needs a transparent broadband provider. Luckily, Cuckoo are here to fit the bill with their simple broadband, for good. One simple deal, for one fair price, on a one-month rolling contract. tickr users get £15 in their investment account when they sign up to Cuckoo Broadband.

Simplicity is a blessing in our ever-complicated world – and Cuckoo are all about making things simple for their customers. A refreshing alternative to the tie-ins and locked contracts and the sneaky rising prices we’re all used to when it comes to broadband.

Plus 1% of your every bill with Cuckoo goes towards setting up internet access in places it’s needed most – like conflict zones or communities facing the aftermath of natural disasters. 1% might sound like a little, but across thousands of customers it adds up to make a massive difference to people all over the world needing connectivity in urgent times.

Committed to simplicity, they make it easy for you to tee up your broadband switch without all the faff too. If you’re still in your old contract, moving home, or simply not ready to switch just yet, you can schedule a go-live date up to 3 months in the future. This means you can still sign up to Cuckoo today but the switching process will only begin 2 weeks before your actual switch date. Nifty.

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Thinking of joining the electric car revolution? Allow us to help. We’ve joined forces with elmo, the UK’s first Net Zero electric car subscription service – whose mission is to make it accessible and affordable to switch to an electric car. tickr customers are exclusively able to get £75 off when they join.

Transport makes up a huge 26% of all UK carbon emissions – the largest of any sector. More transport going electric – and vehicles in particular – is vital in the fight against climate change, as electric cars don’t produce carbon dioxide emissions when you drive them. The greenest thing you can do of course is to not use a car, but we’re not gonna tell you how to live your life. Seriously – we know that’s not always realistic to go completely car-free and that sometimes a car is an unavoidable necessity.

Fortunately elmo is a pioneer when it comes to providing access to electric cars – they match the affordability of a traditional rental car with the flexibility of a subscription (kinda like Netflix, but for eco-friendly cars). Everything is included in the monthly subscription price – from the car and insurance, to a carbon offset donation which balances out the carbon emissions from manufacturing.

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Meet Grubby – the UK’s first 100% plant-based recipe kit. tickr users get a hearty £12 off their first kit.

Cutting meat and dairy products from your diet is one of the biggest ways to reduce your environmental impact on the earth. In fact, last year, researchers at the University of Oxford found opting for a plant-based diet could reduce an individual's carbon footprint from food by up to an eye-watering 73%.

We love Grubby because even reducing meat and dairy products for a few meals a week can have a big impact on your carbon footprint. Grubby are MVPs in this area – their plant-based recipe kits are convenient and don’t cost you the earth. They only deliver what you need (hello no waste), they champion British produce grown on organic land (hello short journey from farm to fork), and their packaging is recyclable and compostable wherever possible (Grubby are a triple threat).

Plus, for every box delivered, Grubby donate a meal to a child living in poverty, through their partnership with 1morechild in Uganda.

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