People and Planet: what’s the big idea?

You’ll find People and Planet plastered all over the place at tickr. They’re the things we care about, and the themes you can invest in.

Talking about people and the planet can seem pretty daunting though, right? We mean, that’s pretty much all the big ideas in the world covered – society, nature and everything in between. 

So what do our investment themes – People, Planet and People & Planet – really cover? 

Stay with us for a sec. Each of our themes contains sub-themes or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – this is the collection of companies your money is held in. These ETFs address some of the biggest challenges of our times.

Let’s start with People. That’s us and you and them over there

What do we all have in common? Maybe we’re making a sweeping generalisation but we think that good health, feeling secure and having the opportunity to learn are three fundamental things that help us all to thrive, world over. When you invest in our People theme, your money is invested in companies working at the cutting edge of those fundamentals – health, security and learning – who are transforming the world we live in for the better. 

Take our Pharma Breakthrough ETF for example – whether developing novel treatments for cancers, combatting rare immune diseases or revolutionising how drugs are administered, the companies you invest in are driving innovations that mean better health for all. 

Or Digital Learning & EdTech. As the world becomes more digitised, we’re learning that education isn’t limited to something that just happens in a classroom. Technology is transforming the education sector – and so are the companies in this ETF – making it more inclusive, accessible and adaptive, and promoting lifelong learning. 

And while we’re talking digital. An ever-increasing amount of our daily life takes place online – which makes digital safety more important than ever. So Cybersecurity & Data Privacy brings together companies providing cybersecurity to the masses – from locking up our individual data to keeping businesses that are household names secure.


Next up – Planet. Our home, sweet home. 

It doesn’t get much more important than fueling, feeding and watering a growing world population. So we have three more of the fundamentals you can invest in over in Planet too – energy, water and food. 

Let’s start with water – our major lifesource. Driven by population growth and climate change, the world’s need for clean water is only intensifying. Today, nearly 2 billion people experience extreme water stress year-round and the UN predicts that global demands for water will surge 30% by 2050. So we know the world’s thirst needs quenching. Clean Water brings together companies that are doing just that – streamlining and strengthening water management along every step of the cycle, so that not a drop goes to waste.

Thirst quenched, what about our stomachs? Providing nutritious and affordable food to a growing global population – while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emission and environmental damage –  is one of today’s most pressing challenges. But the food industry is stepping up to the plate. Sustainable Future of Food brings together companies responding to more sustainable food production and consumption – the pioneers expanding plant-based protein options, and increasing sustainability in supply chains and packaging. 

Last but not least, there’s Global Clean Energy – so that you can invest in companies that are pushing us towards a brighter, low-carbon future. The global economy is transitioning from relying on fossil fuel burning (the root cause of climate change) – to renewable energy sources like solar and wind. In 2020, renewables set record growth and the International Energy Agency predict that in the next five years, renewables like wind, solar and hydropower will become the largest source of electricity generation worldwide – kicking coal off its 50-year perch. In short, it’s an exciting time for renewable energy. You could even say we’re big fans. 

So what happens in People & Planet?

This one’s easy. Your money is invested in all – yes all – of the game changing ETFs we’ve talked about. A great option for people of an indecisive disposition or those that want their impact to stretch to the ends of the earth. 

Whichever theme resonates with you, you’ll also invest in green bonds, government bonds and cash – alongside companies in the above ETFs. This diversifies your investments and helps you to tailor them based on how much risk you’d like to take. For example, if you prefer a lower risk investment, more of your money will be invested in Government Bonds and Green Bonds. There’s more on that here, in our FAQs.

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