April Product Update!

We’ve got a wave of new product features we’ve released in our latest update on both iOS and Android!

After our earlier phone calls with our first wave of users, we received a ton of great ideas and suggestions on what to incorporate into our app! We listened to these and have two main features to share with you all from our most recent update.

If you have any ideas or suggestions you think would help make our platform better, please send us a message to hi@tickr.co.uk

Interactive Donut Chart

We’ve added a new sub-tab to your fund page!

Fund Page Donut

Our users wanted to know where their money was going to make a difference, and how it was split amongst various sub-themes, so we’ve introduced an awesome donut chart that shows you how your money is spread!

Tap twice to find out more about the sub-themes you’re invested in.

We plan to iterate and improve this page in the coming updates; we’re working on data visualization - so you can see the exact percentage of your assets invested in each sub-theme. We’re also going to be expanding out the amount of information on the work of each company in the sub-themes, so our users can find out about the amazing work they’re doing.

Referral Mechanism

Have a friend that would love the app as much as you do..?

Now you can share the tickr app with all of your friends and family that want to start investing in companies that are changing the world.

All you have to do is either tap the referral button on the fund page, or go to settings, then ‘Refer a Friend’ and then share your code through any messaging platform of your choice!

Non-Feature Updates

  • We’ve added a consent declaration page when you’re changing theme or risk level of your portfolio.
  • We’ve fixed some of the bugs in the app to improve user experience
  • We’ve ensured that push notifications are enabled and working correctly.

Back to the future...

Our product and development team are now busy working on the next round of updates for the app!

Over the coming months we’re going to be posting more frequently about our updates and new product features to make sure every one of our users knows about all the great things our product team are doing!