Beta feedback & product roadmap

Last week we released our beta to the world. And the feedback so far has been fantastic.

In our blog post last week we said we would be sharing the things we are working on right now to make the app better for you all, and the things we will be working on in the future.

So, here they are:

Things we are working on today

Android version – for everyone asking, our Android version is currently in development, and we will be sharing our progress on this in the coming weeks.

Notifications centre – we are currently building out our notifications centre; the second screen in the dashboard. Soon, all of your communications with us will be through here, from finding out when your payments have been debited from your account, to finding out more about the companies you’re invested in. We see this becoming a form of interactive news feed, where you can quickly keep up to date with everything that’s happening with your tickr account.

Invite friends – we think it is important for you to be able to invite your friends to download tickr in a simple and easy way. So we are building a feature in the app that allows you to do this in just a few steps, without leaving the app at all.

Clarity on payments –  today in the app when you sign up, you have three options for payments: (1) set up a monthly direct debit; (2) do a one off payment; (3) both. The way we do payments today, in order to do a one off payment (number 2), you have to set up a direct debit as well; but in this case there is only one payment taken from that direct debit (i.e it’s not monthly, it’s just one off). Then if you want to do more one off payments after that, you can, but again we take them via a one off direct debit payment.

The initial setup of the direct debit can take up to 5 days, so we want to speed this process up by incorporating instant payments, which will also get rid of the need to have a direct debit for those people that don’t want it. In the short term, we are going to include more information during sign up and in-app so that people feel more aware of this process, and also show pending balances in a more user friendly way to let people know their money is coming.

Early feedback is that this bit isn’t clear, so we will make it clear. Eventually, we will incorporate instant top ups, so whenever you want to add a bit extra to your account, you can top up and see the new balance reflected immediately, not having to use a direct debit to do it.

Video content – something we believe strongly in is the power of stories told through video. The companies that we invest in are doing something inherently positive, and we want to tell their stories, the stories of the people benefiting from the companies, and stories from our users. We are working on incorporating this into the app, potentially through the notifications centre. There are two other main videos that various people have requested that we are working on: (1) A full walk through of the app sign up (which we will put on YouTube); (2) A video that appears immediately after sign up, in-app, walking people through what everything means. Both are great suggestions that we are working on today.

Things for tomorrow

In-app chat – we want to build an in-app chat feature so that you can easily report bugs and problems to us instantly, chat to us if you have any issues with anything, or have suggestions for new features. We have for this today, but we think a chat feature would be a better user experience.

More transparency – currently there is a selection of the companies you’ve invested shown in the dashboard. We just need to do a bit of work to show you all the companies in a way that isn’t an informational overload!

Impact reporting – in normal English, impact reporting is basically reporting back to you all the positive things the companies you’re invested in are doing around the world (the “impact” they are having). Just like how we report investment performance to you today, in the future we will report things like how your investments are reducing the amount of carbon emitted in the atmosphere, or how your investments are improving gender equality.  

Less text and more graphics – there are a bunch of areas in the app where we think visuals and graphics could be used vs. the text you see today. For example the theme descriptions and the ISA vs GIA comparison in the sign up.

Settings menu – we need an overhaul of our settings menu in the app. Version 1 needs streamlining and grouping in a more logical way, with a bit more colour!

Launching new themes – a big one for us is launching our own new investment themes. We could recreate existing themes and the companies in them better than they are today, or launch brand new themes that we haven’t thought of yet. If you have any ideas for new themes, please let us know!

We are busy working our way through this list and we’ll keep you up to date when we have improvements and new features to announce.