Our beta is live!

Beta launch

After months of very hard work, sweat, some tears but far more laughs, we are ready to launch our beta version of tickr. If you’ve signed up on the site, you’ll be getting an email soon to invite you to download the app. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to join the list and get your early invite.

What have we been building?

An impact investment app, with the aim of showing the world that you can make money and have a positive impact at the same time.

We’ve tried to make it really easy to use, free from financial jargon, and available for anyone to start investing from just £5. So if you’re new to investing, you can start small until you grow more comfortable.

What is a beta launch?

By beta launch, we mean that the first version of the app is ready for our early iPhone users (Android users, don’t worry, we are building a version for you too). With it being Version 1, early feedback from our users is invaluable to us because we are passionate about co-building an app with you. So if you have any problems, new feature ideas or identify bugs we need to fix, please drop us an email at hi@tickr.co.uk and we can build something we are all proud to use.

The app today is by no means perfect, but we’re really excited about what we’ve created so far and it has all the main features for you to begin your tickr journey.


Another thing that’s important to us is to try and be as transparent as possible with our users. In our next blog we will be discussing some of the immediate things we are working on to improve the app, from notifications to in-app chat and tickr referrals, as well as some of our ideas that we think will improve your experience in the future.