Payment, payments, payments...

Our short post explains what happens to your money once it is added to your tickr account, why it can take a couple of days for you to be fully invested, how you can get your hands on your cash if you want to withdraw and our future plans to make this whole process faster!

Depositing your cash into tickr

It’s going to take a little longer than expected for your money to appear in your tickr account. Our product team are working around the clock and tickr will have faster payment methods very soon. For now, however, here is the journey your money goes on from leaving your bank to being invested in the causes you believe in.

  1. We will set a direct debit mandate with your bank. This will take five working days.
  2. Next step, it will take two to three working days to reflect in your tickr account.
  3. The following Wednesday we invest into Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s) that match your selected theme.
  4. Friday your investments will settle into your ETF’s and you will be invested in a number of great companies trying to make a difference.

Why will it take a little while?

Once you’re up and running and your account is activated with tickr, we will set up a direct debit mandate with your bank. All payments with tickr are taken via direct debit. So even if you are doing a one-off payment, we will need to set up a direct debit mandate.

Direct debit mandates will take around five working days to complete. Once this has been set up we can then begin to take payments from your bank. Each payment will take two to three days to reflect into your tickr account. In total, you are looking at around eight days working days to be fully invested with tickr.

It’s time to get invested

Once your money has been deposited into your tickr account, we will then invest into a number of ETF’s. What ETF’s you invest into is entirely dependent on what theme you have chosen. For example, if you are an eco-warrior and have invested in our Climate Change theme your investments will be different if you have chosen our Equality theme.

We trade the following Wednesday from when your money drops into your tickr account and then it will take two days for your fund to settle in the market. For example, if your money landed into your tickr account on Monday, we would trade on Wednesday and you will be fully invested in the market on Friday.

Can I withdraw my money?

Yes. It is entirely up to you when you withdraw from your tickr account. See our terms and conditions for more information. However, we do not recommend short-term investing. Investing should be seen as a long-term strategy of at least five years, as this is more likely to mitigate any losses you receive in the short-term.


  • Once you have asked to withdraw your funds, the following Wednesday we will kick-start the withdrawal process and sell-down your investments.
  • On Friday your investments will settle as cash in your tickr account and you will be out of the market.
  • The next working day (most likely Monday) we will request your cash be sent via BACs to your nominated bank account.
  • This will arrive in three to five working days.

If you want to withdraw all you need to do is open the tickr app, go to account, settings and click withdraw my funds. Any withdrawal requests will be put in motion the following Wednesday after your withdrawal request. We will sell-down your investments and it will settle as cash in your tickr account on Friday. The following Monday (or next working day if it’s a bank holiday) the cash in your tickr account will be transferred via BACs to your nominated bank account. This usually takes around three to five working days but could arrive sooner into your account. This may seem like a while, but this is an industry standard when withdrawing your cash.

The Future

Our lovely tech team are working hard on delivering faster payment methods into the tickr app. We plan on having faster payment methods built into the app by August 2019. This will mean that if you want to make a one-off top up you won’t have to wait for days for your cash to drop into your tickr account, it will be there within a couple of seconds.

If you have any queries our user experience team are happy to help. You can catch them at or you can get in contact via live chat.

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