Product Development 2.0

When we launched our invite-only beta on iOS, we let our users know the new features we are working on.

We have implemented a bunch of these already, so wanted to share Product Development 2.0…

Things we were working on

Notifications centre – Built and released! But, it’ll get way better in the next few months. Think visual, interactive storytelling. We can’t say much more right now, but it’ll be worth it when it’s released.

Clarity on payments –  Built and released! Now in the app people can see all of their historic and pending transactions from the “Transactions” section of the menu. So you have total clarity on where everything is and when it’s likely to hit your account. This was one of the main areas of feedback from our users, so it’s great to have this ticked off and released.

Also, in the notifications centre today we will use this to send you update notifications on payments. So when you’ve set up a payment, a message will appear here so you can get confirmation quickly and easily that it’s been fully set up. We are still working on instant payments, so stay tuned for more on this.

Things that were for tomorrow, but are now for today!

Android version – this is just around the corner…stay tuned

Invite friends – another one that’s just around the corner…stay tuned

In-app chat – Work has begun! We want to build an in-app chat feature so that you can easily report bugs and problems to us instantly, chat to us if you have any issues with anything, or have suggestions for new features. We have for this today, but we think a chat feature would be a better user experience.

App redesign – Work has begun! An exciting new development is some great work we have been doing on our brand and image. We can’t wait to show everyone the new look and feel of not just the app & site, but the company overall. This feeds into some new features we are working on in the app to align to our new branding, many of which came from our user feedback sessions over the past few months (ps: thank you!)

Launching new themes – Work has begun! A big one for us is launching our own new investment themes. We could recreate existing themes and the companies in them better than they are today, or launch brand new themes that we haven’t thought of yet. If you have any ideas for new themes, please let us know!

We are busy working our way through this updated list, and we’ll keep you up to date when we have improvements and new features to announce.

For now, we hope you are enjoying the festive season, and here’s to an exciting 2019!