Product Roadmap

Here at tickr we’re proud of the amazing work our team have managed to achieve in such a short space of time. Since our initial iOS launch on the app store in December, our release of the android app on the Google Play Store in February, we’ve managed to make great strides in product development to ensure we’re giving every tickr user a great in-app experience.

If you haven’t already checked out our latest product update blog post we released a few weeks ago, you can check it out here!

We’re really pleased with the app as it is, but we’re not done yet.

Through a combination of team brainstorming sessions and in-depth conversations with users, we’ve prioritised a key list of features that we’re going to be rolling out incrementally over the next few months to improve your experience with tickr.

Check out the list below and let us know what you think - if there are features you’d love to see, but aren’t in this list; then email us at with your suggestions!

Key Features:

Faster Fund Creation

  • Right now in the app, because of a few tricky tech requirements, it can sometimes take a bit longer than we’d like for money to be withdrawn from your bank account, processed and then input into your portfolio. To change this we’re currently in the process of making this quicker.

One Click Card Payments

  • You’ll soon be able to add your Card Details once, and from then on it will only take one click to add money into your tickr accounts. We know some people don’t like entering their Bank Details into the app so we wanted to make sure we tailored to everyone.

In-app management of payment details

  • People’s details, email address and billing information can change from time to time. For this reason we’re working on making it as easy as possible for you to change this, that way you don’t have to contact one of our support team to do this!

The tickr news feed

The news feed will be the focal point of your experience with tickr. We’re building the company to help you invest in companies changing the world; and we want to make sure you know how they’re doing this.

    • The impact news section of the news feed will be your go-to place to see news, updates and insights on all of the companies you invest in. From the performance each quarter, to the differences they’re making across the world to make it a better place.
    • Alongside this, we’re committed to providing our users with all the knowledge and help they need to feel confident in their financial decisions. Anyone that downloads the app will have access to all of the guides, useful tips and help they want to make better financial choices and to invest their money safely.

Downloadable Portfolio Contract Notes and Performance Summaries

  • Whilst we strive to have every single piece of information anyone could want in our app, we understand that some people just love to have more! That’s why we’ll be making the performance summaries and contract notes readily available to download - right from the app!

New Account Types

Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs)

  • We’re offering our users a great way of taking control of their financial future through self-invested personal pensions, allowing you to choose the companies your pension scheme invests in.

Junior Individual Savings Accounts (JISAs)

  • Our mission is to be the platform of choice for the next generation of investors. We're committed to this and one of the ways we're holding true to our mission is by introducing JISAs. So you can start investing in the future of your children, as well as that of the planet.

Bespoke Investment Portfolios

  • Currently our users can choose how to invest in a portfolio, from a choice of 4 themes and 3 differing risk levels. This is because we wanted to make our app accessible to anyone, regardless of investment experience. In the coming months we’ll be releasing more themes tackling different key impacts globally - giving our users more choice on how they can help the world
  • In the future we want to give our users who have more confidence the chance to build and create their own bespoke portfolios - in the key companies they care about that are making an impact.

Linked Family Accounts

Our Own ETFs

Whilst this isn’t everything we plan to do, or in order of priority - we hope this gives you some insight into the great things we’ll be doing at tickr to help make impact investing, the default choice.

If you have any questions about any of the features listed above, or have your own ideas you think will help improve our users experience - then let us know at!