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How tickr works

Investing with us is easy.

Why invest with tickr?

The world’s got some big problems. By investing in businesses that want to solve them, you could earn money by doing good.

Why Climate Change?

It’s no secret that the planet’s seen better days. Make a real difference by investing in a cleaner world through areas like clean energy and clean water. Any business with a bad carbon footprint just doesn’t make the list. Simple.

Why Social Impact?

Gender inequalities still exist, the population is ageing and some companies still ignore sustainability. It’s serious stuff. But we’re here to battle this and will only invest in the good guys addressing their own impact on one or more of these issues.

Why Disruptive Technology?

We are in a global tech revolution. Almost every aspect of daily life is being transformed by technology. In this theme we’ve included some of the world’s most innovative companies helping to shape our future.

Can't Decide?

We’re not surprised, they’re all great! Luckily for you we’ve created a fund that combines all of our themes into one.

It's important you know

All investing should be regarded as longer term.
The value of your investments can go up or down,
and you may get back less than you invest